American History X

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“American History X” Movie Review In Venice Beach, “gangs are like a plague” says 16 year old Danny Vineyard who is currently in the process of being brainwashed into a neo-nazi. In “American History X” the main point begins when the principle tells Danny to write an essay on his older brother Derek, a skinhead who is in jail for killing two men, and former leader of a supremacist gang. His is supposed to write about how his brother’s actions and lifestyle now affects himself. In the movie he is narrating the racial discrimination that is being influenced upon him, and the gruesome crimes being commited. He is only 16 and is still trying to figure himself out and what his own opinion is on the whole situation. His story opens the eyes of the audience to the world of racism, discrimination, and a measure of brainwashing that can still be occuring today. In this movie racism is a major point that is being made, in the begininng of the movie Danny is recalling a time they were in the park playing basketball and Derek challenged the black people they were playing with to a game. Blacks vesres whites and whoever lost wasn’t allowed to come back. It was a competition of the races,a dn in the end Derek team won,and it was such asense of triumph in the air. It was a sense of supiriority to Derek. I don’t think that they should have separated the races like that and made the terms so drastic, because that is what creates enimies. Although Derek’s sense of racism is extreme,