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Document-Based Essay
American Imperialism

During the late 19th and early 20th century the thinking of the american-imperialist has shaped its policies in Asia and Latin America. The United States expanding its role as an imperialistic nation was primarily to derive economic benefits. Overseas areas provided a cheap labor force and plenty of raw natural resources with which to fuel the U.S. economy. This caused for aggressive policies of expansion with political, economic, and military control as major objectives. As shown in Document H, many saw it best to imperialism not just as a benefit to the country but along as a duty to others as well. This same duty which was not always in the other countries best interest but in the united states instead. In Document A, William McKinley talks about the u.s involvement in the philippines. In this speech the Filipinos are portrayed as unfit to survive on their own, or weak. Here it is stated that it is in the good heart of the u.s to save them from spain and to educate, uplift and civilize these people, in the name of God. Imperialist thinkers would undermine these peoples for what they believed to be an “obligation” of a nation with self government. But it was more than self-government it was despotism, document G. Again in Document B one can see the u.s showing dominance over other countries when its says the true desire of this country. In 1903 The Platt Amendment was conducted which gave articles on regulations that cuba would follow, another foreign country imperialism by the u.s. In the beginning of these articles it is stated that cuba should not indulge in treaty in which its independence would be impaired. But that is contradicted later in the articles with another statement that cuba would consent to the u.s. right to intervene for the preservation of that same independence. Again in Document D, it stated that cuba would not allow for other world powers to obtain any portion of its island for military or naval purposes.