Essay about American In World War I

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American in World War I

World War I was a war that America should not have been involved in period. From George Washington to James Monroe, the focus was to stay out of Europe’s political affairs and Europe should stay out of the political affairs in the Americas. But by President Woodrow Wilson asking Congress to declare war in 1917, it helped America push forward with the Progressive agenda. The United States was growing rapidly; they had built railways, giant cities, working with new technologies, and had new democratic government. America was coming into its own super power and other countries were recognizing that America was going to be a country that would intervene in world affairs.
The war had an effect on the Progressive Era in America, as America was turning its focus on getting involved in world affairs and not concentrating on the more important matters going on at the home front. Politian’s such as Progressive Senator Robert La Follette objected to the U.S. joining the war and stated in a speech to the U.S. Senate that, “American stands to lose its own freedom through conscription and other measures that take away free speech and free choice.” (Pg. 165)
I think President Wilson’s leadership style was leaning towards, what I like to refer to people like him, as a “Do as I say and not as I do” type of person. He thought that God had chosen him to do great things and not just wanted to win WWI; he wanted to prevent all future wars and at the same time make the world safe for democracy. He had a very authoritive style of leadership and I believe he just wanted to push his own agendas first and worry about the American people second.
President Wilson’s agendas divided…