Essay on American & Iranian Cultural Differences

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American & Iranian Cultural Differences
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ANT 101: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
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Introductory Why do some cultures treat women with the up most respect and others as if they were lower than life itself? Growing up in earlier years the only examples we as American’s had was just by what we were told. In today’s world we are able to communicate better and see more of how the cultures are in other countries. In America all are treated with equal rights, but in Iran there are those with privileges and those with none. Women are treated as slaves and they are dispensable. The Iranians have total disrespect for women.

American & Iranian Cultural Differences When comparing cultures
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For a majority of the population tradition is still the motto. Muslims and so-called ‘Intellectuals’ respond bitterly and violently to de-segregation and free and open relationships between men and women.
In the 70’s Muslim women showed up in Islamic attire at Universities and workplaces and ‘all female Islamic schools’ became popular. Women from traditional families have legitimized their presence in public. This has enabled women to meet non related males and relationships have grown outside the traditional domains. These changes are challenging ‘Arranged Marriages.’
The last 50 years have made fundamental changed in how relationships were moving towards being normal. The revolution has brought restrictions on where socializing can take place and women’s mobility, segregation, veiling and banning of relationships outside of marriage all is creating abnormal behavior in men and women. The relationships in the Iranian Culture are far from healthy or normal and not expected to improve in the near future. (The Iranian; February 28, 2002)
A prime example of the strength of someone’s culture is a family friend who just recently moved back to Iran for an arranged marriage to a man that she has never meet in person. And although it is not what she wanted, it had been arranged since her birth and she would not dishonor her family my refusing, even though she is living in America where she has the right to refuse such