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Jack Iles


Abortion has become an irrational and controversial issue with no permanent solution in sight. There are actually only three real arguments or sides to this issue. People either think it is legal, illegal, or acceptable under certain defined circumstances. According to the results from an Angus Reid poll (global monitoring company) show that 49% of Canadians think it should be legal while only 5% think it should be illegal. The remaining 42% think it should be legal; but, only under certain defined circumstances. Abortion is an emotional issue and each school of thought has valid reasons for why it believes in their position on the subject.

Those who believe that abortion should be legal under all circumstances believe in the rights of an informed woman and her doctor. They believe that the fetus is a part of the woman’s body and that a fetus can't live outside it on it's own, therefore it's rights do not go before the woman’s rights. These people are often called Pro Choicers.

Those who believe that abortion should be illegal most likely believe in the rights of the unborn child and/or have religious beliefs that have led them to believe that abortion is illegal. They think that women will be more careful, and if abortion were illegal women would make more rational decisions. They also think that women would think about the responsibility of having a child, taking care of child, and the cost of raising a child. These people are often called Pro Lifers.

Abortion could be justified or made legal for some of the following reasons. A young teenager could become pregnant and not be ready for such a huge responsibility because she is too young and immature to become a mother. Woman could be in a bad and violent relationship. There are sometimes bad situations where women with serious drug or alcohol