Hypocrisy Influence On American History

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Taylor Peck
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Imagine how different American history would be without the affects inspiration and hypocrisy and how they shaped the early United States. Early American history is defined rather equally by both inspiration and hypocrisy they just affected early America in different ways.
This is shown by the treatment of native American Indians by early white settlers as well as when early American citizens rebelled against English rule, and how the very first settlers or the puritans changed American history.
Too start Hypocrisy and inspiration had a major impact on how Native American Indians were treated by early white settlers. Both Inspiration and hypocrisy affected them in different way they also went hand in hand in many other areas at this point in American history. A very good example would be Andrew Jackson’s Indian removal speech to congress. His speech shows how much hypocrisy affected early American history as well as early American literature.
The speech is hypocritical for many reasons but one main reason is when he talked about how the Native Americans should be forced to move west to make room for a growing amount of settlers even though the Native Americans were there much longer than the white settlers. His speech also inspired many white settlers to force Indians out of the homes they have lived at for generations and head west.
In addition both hypocrisy and inspiration played a major part in in the American
Revolution. The colonists felt they were being treated unfairly by King George and the English government. The colonists were still forced to pay taxes but were not receiving the same benefits that the rest of England was receiving. However it was not just England that was being

hypocritical during revolutionary times. The colonists wanted freedom and better treatment from England but at the same time they were treating Native American Indians extremely poor.
Almost everything England did that the colonists felt was unfair they were doing the same thing to the Native American Indians.
During the revolutionary war inspiration gave American colonists hope that they would be successful in separating from england. It started with just a few men who felt them and their fellow colonists were being treated unfairly by england. As time went on they inspired more and more people to join their cause. One of their best forms of inspiration was through their writing. They were able to inspire many colonists through these writings. Without them the colonists would of never been able to defeat and separate from england rule.
The final main point is the first early early colonists to