American Pageant Ch. 8 Outline Essay

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Second Continental Congress (1775)
Philadelphia May 10
No intention of independence, prolong fighting os King/Parliament would consent to give in to grievances
Sent another list of grievances
Adopted measures to raise money for army/navy
George Washington, Commander-In-Chief
*Political Move – growing distrust and jealousy of New England. Washington from VA
Battles and political Maneuvering
April 1775- July 1776 – War of Inconsistency
Green Mountain Boys – Ethan Allen / Benedict Arnold
Captured Ft. Ticonderoga and Crown Point
Bunker Hill (Breed’s Hill) – heavy British casualties, Colonsits’ ran out of ammo, forced to retreat (Pyrric Victory)
“With more victories like that, Britain will no longer have an army.” _ French Foreign Minister
Olive Branch Petition – George III declared it was too late (Aug 1775 – ‘Colonies in full rebellion’)
Canada – “The 14th Colony”
Possible French Canadian Support
Gen. Richard Montgomery captured Montreal
Joined at Quebec by Benedict Arnold
Montgomery killed, Arnold wounded in Quebec assault
British set fire to Norfolk, VA. March 1775: Evacuation of Boston
Feb 1776 – Moore’s Creek Bridge, NC – defeat of
Thomas Paine – Common Sense
1776 – Stop pretending loyalty, and fight
Smaller body controlling a larger one (Britain and America didn’t make sense)
“The Royal Brute of Great Britain” – George III
Republic – representatives (at all levels) get power from the consent of the governed
Biblical imagery, popular with