American Participation in the Great War Essay

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Americans didn’t want to partake in the Great War. Most Americans supported Woodrow Wilson’s decision to make an official declaration of neutrality in August 4, 1914. Most American citizens believed that National security wouldn’t be affected by the wars outcome. Americans were mindful of Washington’s Farewell address, which stressed isolation to not get dragged into allies wars. Wilson asked his countrymen to be impartial “in thought as well as action”. Although the majority wanted to abstain from fighting, some American citizens wanted to side with England and the Entente allies. Besides William Jennings Bryan all of Wilson’s closest advisers all favored going into war with Great Britain and its Allies. These internal divisions undermined the Wilsons decision to neutrality. Over time the American people felt inclined to side with Great Britain because of the language and culture ties between each other. The central powers also had their sympathizers within the American people. There were many immigrants and native born Americans from nations of Central powers, also Irish Americans hated the English so they would rather side with the central powers. Early in the war Great Britain with its powerful navy blockades all of Europe. The United States never planned to end their neutrality; they conducted trades to any country they pleased. Great Britain’scontrol of the seas of Europe was meant to haul any trade to Germany and its allies. In 1915, British Ships seized American ships that were heading to German. They seized all items even noncontraband items like food and cotton. In 1916, Britain Blacklisted 87 American companies accused of trading with Germany, they also censored mail coming into the United States from Europe. With Great Britain’s naval superiority, Germany decides to hard counter that with U-boats or Submarines. Germany torpedoed any ship within the seas of the British Isles. The Submarine was a violation of international law. The Lusitania was sunk by Germany in May 7, 1915 killing 128 Americans.By 1916 Wilson was able to reduce tension between Germany with Sussex pledge. Wilson attempted to mediate an end to the war. He called for both sides for “peace without victory”. Randolph Bourne theory was true, no nation wanted anything but victory. In 1917, the Zimmermann telegram was intercepted by British cryptographers. The Zimmermann telegram was telegram to Mexico from Germany to help it get Texas, New Mexico, California, and Arizona. The Zimmermann Telegram had crossed the line for Wilson to enter the Great war. The United States sent ships and troops to Europe. They set up a convoy system for American-British trade. In the next six months of the United States…