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1st Draft American Political Parties

Why United States of America is considered one of the best countries in the world in terms of politics, government and its civil laws? Who run the American government? Those are a couple of questions that many people around the world have in their minds. The answer to those questions lies within the structure of US government. The United States government is divided into three branches, the executive branch, the legislative branch and the judiciary branch. Common American citizens don’t vote to choose the members of the Supreme Court (Judiciary branch); however the members of congress (Legislative branch) and the President of the United States and his vice president (Executive branch) are elected by the vote of the American citizens. Those people the Americans vote for are the Politicians, and there are two Major political groups in United States of America, the Democrats and the Republicans. We know that Many of the past American presidents were whether a Democrat or a Republican, and this year’s president is also going to be elected from one of those political parties. We also know that America is going through a very tough time nowadays, and I am very sure that it will recover like it did many times in the past, but this situation is making it very hard for some Americans to decide who to vote for. According to a survey there are still 6 percent of Americans who haven’t decided yet who to vote for. I think despite the completely different policies the two political parties are offering, in order to tackle current problems the United States is facing, whether it is unemployment problems, financial crisis or international relationship issues, its citizens must vote for a Democrat or a Republican presidential candidate.

The Democrats and the Republicans are different from many aspects, especially in their philosophy, ideas, worldview and politics, but let’s start differentiating from the basics. The Democratic Party was founded in 1824 and there symbol is a donkey, while the Republican Party was found in 1854 and their symbol is an elephant. The famous Democrat presidents were Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, and John F. Kennedy; in the other hand the famous Republican presidents were George. W. Bush, Ronald Reagan and Abraham Lincoln. The presidential candidate from the Democratic Party in 2012 is Barack Obama, an African American guy, who is the current president of the United States; whereas the Republican Party’s candidate is Mitt Romney, a businessman with Hispanic descent.
A Democrat is considered to be a liberal but a Republican is known as a conservative. The Democrats believe that all the Americans are equal in the eyes of the federal government despite the amount of their assets, there education level and background, and it fully support its citizens welfare rights; in the other hand the Republicans think the economic equity is greater than anything else and instead of