Essay on American Presidency

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The Executive scope of authority in Strict Constructionist Presidency by William Howard Taft might seem to be ambiguous. Nevertheless, even though prerogatives of President are defined in loose terms, they do not come out of the void and need to have its granting source. Like with energy, that can’t be created out of nothing presidential powers need to be ‘given’ (authorized) by either Constitution or by act of Congress. President by Constructivists operate under the law and exercise its discretion within law. Constitution or other act of legislature commands the action making it clear for the President how far he could go unrestrained. The idea that President would been able to act up to the point, when he is expressly by law forbidden not to, would require to put a great deal of trust in President himself.

What President Theodore Roosevelt holds dearly to his heart was well-being of his nation. The idea of Stewardship Presidency was for the good of the people. Perpetuated by that idea President could have loosened the ‘checks and balances’ leash, considerably widening its executive powers. The President appears as protagonist with a sense of mission, well aware of his surroundings. The idea of the game is that President can push as much as he can, not to flux his muscle though, but to make a change in a right cause. The precedents of what haven’t been done before do not bind the President as far as in accordance with the law. The horizon of possibilities ends when President hits into ‘constitutional or legislative prohibition’ 1brick wall. Fair game is exercising power-politics to the extent not ban by the law.

President Woodrow Wilson is giving a brief account of the Presidencies 1789-1825, when ‘men chosen for the office were man bred to leadership’2. On the other side of the isle he puts Presidencies years 1836 – 1861 - times of quiet drama when President lacking the Weber’s charismatic leadership set of skills was suppressed by the Congress. What he is trying to say is that the face of Presidency is relative, dependent on time and surroundings and President is