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Victor Householter
6th hr. American problems pg 1 Gay marriage is a touchy subject for most people. I personally think that it should be legal. Some of the reasons that I think that it should be legal because of several reasons. One I know people who are in a gay relationship and they are some of the happiest people I know. Also there are a lot of TV shows that depict gay relationships and having it portrayed in the media as ok made me more on the side that it should be legal. i also am kind of a rebel and my parents believe that it shouldn't be legal so I've told them that I think it should simply because they think it shouldn't be.
I grew up in a family who is based on Christian beliefs and my parents believe that marriage should be between one man and one woman. I on the other hand coming from a younger generation who is more open to the idea of gay marriage think that it should be legal because I believe that love is love and it shouldn't matter if a man loves a woman or another man. I've on several occasions told my parents this and they have said, "oh but it isn't biblical." and, "It's morally wrong." I usually respond with something along the lines of, "Well they can't help it who they love. Love is love." They usually don't have a good answer to this but it will always be a touchy subject in our house. I had to choose myself whether or not I believed that gay marriage should be ok because I knew what my parents believed but I wasn't sure what I believed. I had to come to the conclusion on my own that I thought it was ok and I knew my parents would disagree but I was ok with that because I knew for me it was ok. Also when there is a TV show that is showing a gay couple or has something to do with gay marriage they will

pg 2 usually shut it of. They will just shake their heads and say, "Those people don't even know what they are doing wrong." I usually just don't says anything to them but I.m disagreeing in my heart.
On the topic of TV show and the issue of homosexuality there are a lot of TV shows today that have a gay/ lesbian couple in them. It's the media's way of saying that they think it should be ok and legal. Having these people in the show be gay and happy makes it seem like it should be ok in real life. If the people in the show are ok with it then why can't people in real life be ok with it. I am one of those people who see something on TV like that and when people in the real world are discriminating against people that are gay I get really upset inside because I believe that they shouldn't be discriminated based on who they love. Today it seems there are shows that are either one hundred percent for gay rights and then there are shows that are one hundred percent against it. In the news there lately has been a lot of talk about getting gay marriage legalized in all 50 states whereas now it is only legal in thirty six of the fifty.
My friends have always been a big influence on what I believe, so her it came to this topic I tended to lean towards what they believed because I always seems to leans towards them on most topics. My friends and peers have also influenced how I feel about gay marriage. A lot of them feel the same way I do and they are actually the ones who helps me solidify my beliefs on the subject. A lot of my friends believe that gay marriage should be legal and that gay couples should have the same rights as everyone else. Before I believe this was as well they all tried to