American Race

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Get ready for the race across America during the race you will see all the American traits

The American cultures are entertainment, food, sports, and clothing

On your mark get set GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First up is entertainment. There are many ways American’s stay entertained and not bored out of their minds. TV: many American homes will have at least one TV set in there house there tuned to comedies, cartoons, dramas, and reality TV
Texting almost every teenager preteen adult or nowadays kids under 10 have a cell phone we American’s will text for many reasons like fun, gossip, to stay in touch, business, and other stuff most of the time your average preteen or teenage girl their phone will be a life source they can’t go 2 minutes without going insane. Amusement park: most American’s have once in their life gone to an amusement park for fun parties get together or for a vacation. Movies: American’s who have a TV and DVD player or go to a movie theater can watch movies all Americans have their favorite genre horror, action, drama, cartoon movies, and all kinds of other favorites. Video Games most Americans of all ages can be found in front of TVs playing video games: with all kinds of different ones like call of duty, Mine craft, grand theft auto, blue dragon and just dance
WOW!! There’s a lot of ways Americans stay entertained

FOOD: tons of delicious foods are found throughout America’s culture. Pizza: a favorite for most Americans mostly enjoyed on Friday or Saturday nights great for birthday parties and other special occasions. Our favorite toppings are plain cheese, meat lovers, peperoni, pineapple, and Canadian bacon. TACOS: Tacos originated from Mexico and became a favorite to the Americans also now we have tons of Mexican restaurants like best burrito, José peppers and a big favorite taco bell. French Fries: most American restaurants will serve French fries with Hot dogs hamburgers and more. Hot Dogs: If you came to America and lived in New York u couldn’t go 2 blocks without seeing a hot dog stand hot dogs are an American fast, easy to eat favorite u can find them at restaurants, baseball games, BBQ and other places. Fast Food: America is a very busy country and most people will go to a fast food restaurant Drive through to get a quick bite to eat and most of the time we don’t pick healthy choices. Wow no wonder America is the most obese country.

SPORTS: There is tons of sports Americans play for fun. Foot Ball: Football is a big American favorite during football season you will probably see a lot of Americans either at a game or watching a game on TV cheering on their favorite team. BASKETBALL: Basketball is a favorite in the winter if a family isn’t