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American Revol ution • also called the seven years war.
• British and French fought the war for the domination of the colonial area.
• The Indians helped France success in winning when t he war just began. Later on, British build a vast empir e and gain lots of territory such as Canada from Franc e and Florida from Span.
• However, British Empire was lacking money after the war, and the Thirteen colonies stir up the American Re volution after the British raised up the taxes.

French and Indian War: 175

• After the Seven Years' War , the British colonial governme nt in order to further control and repression of the Indians,
British sent 10000 people to North America in charge of m oney. March 22 of 1765, the British Parliament announced that including the North American colonies printed newsp apers, books, licenses, cards, tickets, etc. all of the printed paper are required to affix tax stamps.
• The colonists have to pay expensive tax even if they print stuff, this exasperated Americans. To resist the Stamp Dut y Ordinance, all colonies expand Swadeshi movement , res ulting in a significant decline in British exports to the colo nies. Stamp act: 1765.3.

• After England won the Seven years war, they started t o raise taxes from the colonists. Americans started bo ycott of British manufactures. British officials killed f our and hurt six colonists and stated it was the protect ion of executive duties in Boston. Later on About 60
Americans dressed up as Indians and throw 18000 po unds of tea into the ocean. This led to the American R evolution. Boston Tea Party: 1773.

• The conferences was held in Philadelphia.
• Accomplishments!
1st conference:
• Organized economic boycott of Great Britain
• Developed continental congress and Declaration of Independence
2nd conference:
• Adopted Declaration of Independence
• Created and developed navy army
• Passed Article of Confederation and Perpetual Union

Continental Congres s: 1774 - 1789

• Battle of Lexington:
- Small fight but very important because it was a sign of war began - 80 American militiamen VS. British
• Battle of Concord:
- Soldiers from Lexington got stronger
- Defeated British troops at North Bridge
• Outcome: It was the first military conflict in the American
War of Independence. This war led to a more severe situatio n between U.S. and U.K. and caused the next war -----Battl e of Bunker Hill

Battle of Lexington an d Concord: 1775.4.19

• Mostly around Breed’s Hill
• Early war of the American revolution. First the Ameri cans surrounded the British army (in Boston Massach usetts). They started fighting the next morning when t he British army started to get across the Charles River.
• However, British army has more solider and firepower
. The British got 226 killed and The colonial got 115 killed. Battle of Bunker Hill: 17

• It was adopted on 1776.7.4 by Continental Congress, mai nly written by Thomas Jefferson
• And it was signed by 56 delegates to the Continental Con