American Revolution and Boston Massacre Essay

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Demetria Collins
November 2, 2011
4th Period Question: Trace the events and movements that led to the breakdown of the relationships between England and the 13 colonies politically, economically, and socially from 1756 to 1776. The time line is in correspondence with the essay below.

1756.................Seven Years' War begins
1757.................William Pitt takes control of Seven Years' War
1763.................Peace of Paris ends Seven Years' War
1770.................Boston Massacre begins
1773.................Boston Tea Party
1773.................Tea Act During the period of 1756 - 1776, several things caused a breakdown of the relationship between England and the 13 colonies. One was the military conflict. The second was a political struggle within America. The third is the affect of the American Revolution on the colonists. Beginning in 1756 was the Seven Years' War, which was the second phase in the struggle. It spread to the West Indies, India, and Europe. Then in 1757 a man by the name of William Pitt took control of the war by putting it under British control. After 1756, the French were unable to sustain early military because of a series of poor harvests The British won this war by the Peace of Paris. Later on in the years comes the Boston Massacre. This started because the colonists were harassing the British and it also started because of frequent clashes. However, in 1770 British soldiers and the colonists went to war. The colonists started throwing things at houses and at people to make a statement that said "You gonna give us what we want or else you gonna die trying!" Now I know that's harsh, but it's the truth. After this happened British soldiers were found guilty of trying to commit murder because their were five people killed in this. In the midst of court maddness, Samuel Adams stood to address his concerns and anger. He argued that their was a mass of corruption and sin that needed to be changed and he also argued about things that needed to be changed in America. He argued about so many things. The British won the Massacre, though. After the Boston Massacre was over and long gone came the Tea ACt and Boston Tea Party. The Tea Act was a act that would reduce the price on tea. But this reduction was not for everybody, it was only for the middleclass people. But the non-middleclass people argued that it