Essay on American Revolution and Boston Tea Party

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The statement is false the American Revolution was started due to political,economical,and social unrest. In the beginning the colonists were fine with the British. It is when the British started taxing the colonist, passing acts restricting their rights, and The First Continental Congress. These factors caused the Americans to become rebellious and completely resistant to British control over the colonies. Money and economic problems were a part of the reasons for conflict but not why the war started.

After the French and Indian war there was a significant debt that the British had to pay off due to the victory and they raised taxes both in Britain and the colonies. The stamp act required all newspapers, almanacs, etc.. to have the stamp on them to be taxed, this started the Sons of Liberty who threatened violence to anyone who sold these stamps. The Sons of Liberty burned, looted, and destroyed British property and goods. Taxation without representation is what it was called the colonist then boycotted British goods and merchandise as another way to show their hate for the taxes. Then things escalated quickly with the Townshend act of 1767 which taxed tea,paper,and glass and other items that were necessary for life at the time. This caused complete disarray and rage in the colonies the colonists started a mob which grew in number until out of control, causing British troops to open fire this was known as the Boston massacre. This enraged colonist as word of this event spread and it kindled the fire of hate for the British. Then in 1773 a group of men led by Sam Adams dumped British tea into the harbor this became known as the Boston tea Party.

In 1774 The British parliament passed a series of laws that caused outrage and resistance in the colonies. The acts that were issued were in response to the Boston Tea party in which took place in 1773. The quartering act was the one that caused complete outrage in the colonies. This act made it so that it is required for colonists to house British troops if need be. The Administration of justice act the colonists felt was unjust and unnecessary it allowed the Governor to move trials of accused royal officials to Britain or another colony if he did not feel that he could get a fair trial in his colony. George Washington called it the murder act,because he felt it would allow Officials to harass colonists and get away with it by going on trial somewhere where they knew nothing of the colonists. Theses acts and many more made the colonists feel as if they had their rights stripped from them. Some colonists even went as far as to say they did not feel like Englishmen anymore.

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