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Unit 2 A New Nation
Chapter Four
+Boston Massacre- 1770, British soldiers plainly opened fire without command.

+Crispus Attucks – A.American Dockhand that died during the Boston Massacre

+Stamp Act- Direct Tax on paper items except for stamps ironically.

+Samuel Adams- leader of the Sons of Liberty, in debt, failed businessman, public enemy number 1 to crown.

+Sons of Liberty- radical group to go on offense against the Stamp Act. They secretly met.

+boycott- basically saying that they are not going to buy anything more from a group of people.

+Townshend Acts- 1767 Taxes on building materials; lead, glass, paint, etc. Indirect Tax.

+John Hancock- Notorious smuggler and rich because of it.

+Boston tea Party- Taxes except on tea repealed by 1773. They, inspired by SADAMS to dump 90,000 pounds of tea.

+British East India Company- Didn’t have to pay the taxes and inspired SADAMS to dump their tea.

+Intolerable Acts- created because of the BTP, and the port of Boston is closed, town meetings are limited to once a month.

+Quartering Act- authorized British commanders to house soldiers in vacant private homes and other buildings. In hand with Intolerable Acts (George III)

+martial law- Thomas Gage (BRIT) appointed governor of MA (British militia commander in chief)

+First Continental Congress- Sept 1774 COMMITTEES of CORRESPONDENCE, 56 delegates, drew up declaration of colonial rights.

+minutemen- civilian soldiers that were preparing with gunpowder and firearms, ready to fight against the Brit forces. Hancock/Adams hidden in Lexington.

+Paul Revere- a minuteman, an important one at that. Member of S’o’L. Rode with Danes and Prescott to warn HanDams that the Brits were coming.

+Lexington/Concord- Lex, USA lost. Concord, revenge time, ‘A glorious day for America’ Apr. 19, 1775

+Second Continental Congress- May 1775. Adams suggests that ea. Colony set up its own gov’t. Con’t army formed with GWASH as commander @ 43 yo.

+Bunker Hill- June 17, 1775- didn’t take place at Bunker Hill, but at Breed’s. TGage VS. Minutemen. Colonies lose after Brit wave 3 and lack of ammo.

+Olive Branch Petition- Colonies attempt at making peace with George III, but were EPICLALLY denied July 8, 1775.

+Common Sense- pamphlet (50 pages) that contained powerful INFO. TPaine.

+Thomas Paine- wrote Common Sense, attacks George saying that freedom is not only destiny but necessary. Angry from LEX/CONC

+Thomas Jefferson- VA lawyer chosen to express congress points in a formal declaration. Wrote the DEC of IND’P

+Declaration of Independence- inspired by John Locke’s ideas of ‘ENLIGHTENMENT’ or unalienable rights. That all men are equal, and deserve equal opportunities.

+patriots- supporters of American Independence.

+loyalists- people that are still loyal to old George III

+Valley Forge- winter 77-78, harsh, morale low, thousands of soldiers deserted or died.

+Continental army- STG familiar terrain, leadership, HOME! WKS no central gov, food shortage, untrained, small navy.

+Washington Crosses the Delaware-
Needed a morale boost, caught the Hessians off guard bc it was Christmas, and they were drinking up a storm.

+Hessians- hired German Gunmen

+Saratoga- turning point in the revolution. Burgoyne (Brit) didn’t win. French allies with USA.

+Yorktown- 1781- Cornwallis (Brit) surrendered, caused the Treaty of Paris 1783.

+Benedict Arnold- once a hero for USA but ends up being a traitor.

+John Adams- Samuel Adam’s cousin.
•Benjamin Franklin
•John Jay

+Treaty of Paris of 1783: •gains and losses- •forts


Chapter Five
+republic- gov’t in which citizens rule through their elected representatives.

+issue of representation- congress had issues in how to represent each state evenly because some states were bigger or had a bigger population.

+Articles of Confederation: in effect 1781 agreement b/n