American Revolution and north America Essay

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KhhhhhnUnits I & II: Colonial and Revolutionary America

I. Pre-Columbian Societies

Early inhabitants of the Americas
American Indian empires in Mesoamerica, the Southwest, and the Mississippi Valley
American Indian cultures of North America at the time of European contact

II. Transatlantic Encounters and Colonial Beginnings, 1492–1690

First European contacts with American Indians
Spain’s empire in North America
French colonization of Canada
English settlement of New England, the Mid-Atlantic region, and the South
From servitude to slavery in the Chesapeake region
Religious diversity in the American colonies
Resistance to colonial authority: Bacon’s Rebellion, the Glorious Revolution, and the Pueblo Revolt

III. Colonial North America, 1690–1754
Population growth and immigration
Transatlantic trade and the growth of seaports
The eighteenth century back country
Growth of plantation economies and slave societies
The Enlightenment and the Great Awakening
Colonial governments and imperial policy in British North America
IV. The American Revolutionary Era, 1754–1789
The French and Indian War
The Imperial Crisis and resistance to Britain
The War for Independence
State constitutions and the Articles of Confederation
The federal Constitution

VI. The Early Republic, 1789–1815
Washington, Hamilton, and shaping of the national government
Emergence of political parties: Federalists and Republicans
Republican Motherhood and education for women
Beginnings of the Second Great Awakening
Significance of Jefferson’s presidency
Expansion into the trans-Appalachian West; American Indian resistance
Growth of slavery and free Black communities
The War of 1812 and its consequences

Unit 1: Colonial America
Cahokia social reciprocity
Virginia Company of London
House of Burgesses
Anglican Church
Mayflower Compact
Massachusetts Bay
“A Model of Christian Charity”
Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson
Halfway Covenant
Pequot & King Philip's War
Pueblo Revolt
Act of Toleration indentured servitude headright system
Bacon's Rebellion multiangular trade
Dominion of New England
Glorious Revolution
English Bill of Rights
Fundamental Constitutions of Carolina mercantilism Navigation Acts salutary neglect
Great Awakening
Stono Rebellion
King William’s and Queen Anne’s War
War of Jenkins’s Ear and King George’s War gentry Enlightenment structure of