Essay about American Revolutionary War and British Army Possessed

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American revolution notes
British Army
Possessed military superiority -had an army of around 50, 000 men whilst Americans had to built an army from scratch
British also hired 18,000 Hessian soldiers, and 1777 3000 more
British Commitment
Native Americans
Royal Navy
Dominated the sea, and had 340 ships
Americans had no navy of any threat to Britain– Continental Navy eventually commissioned around 50 vessels, most converted merchantmen, not navy warfare ships of the line
Because the British had naval superiority, they could effectively reinforce and supply her forces, move men across the American seaboard, blockade and attack American ports
Around 75% of Americans lived within 120km (75miles) of the sea which meant British naval strength was a crucial advantage
Economic Strength
Britain had greater financial strength in comparison to America which had huge financial problems
According to the Declaration of Independence Congress could not levy taxes, and were unsuccessful in getting the states to reply to their demands for money, so they could only finance the War via frequent issuing of paper money
The states did the same, and as the quantity of paper money rose the value decrease and prices rose.
Americans were reluctant to accept paper money, and the money was almost worthless which had a huge effect on the American economy and their military activity
Outnumbered the USA in population at almost 3 to 1
Britain had 8 million people whilst the colonists had 2.5 million people of which 500,000 were slaves
Britain also had the support of 500, 000 loyalists
Lorg George Germain
Replaced Dartmouth as Colonial Secretary in Nov 1775
Given task of reorganizing the war effort
Energetic, highly competent War leader
American Loyalists
Britain also had the support of 500, 000 loyalists out of their 2.5million population
Weak American Government
Lacked an effective national Government
As ratified by the articles of Confederation in 1781 and the declaration of independence in1776, the Central Government only had limited power in comparison to the state
Though the Government was given the powers to declare war. It did not have the powers to tax, or wage war effectively
Weaknesses of American Forces
Did not have a developed system of men and supplies
Shortage of men- filling the ranks of the army was a constant problem
States slow to meet their quota of troops
Troops were only enlisted to the continental army for a short time
Washington’s army never exceeded over 20,000 troops

American Disunity
Lacked unity, and were mainly 13 separate states