American Revolutionary War and David Mccullough Essay

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1776 Book Essay
In David Mccullough’s book, “1776”, he writes about the history of the struggles and challenges during the American Revolution as America fought for its freedom from Great Britain.“1776” informs the readers about a period in time where we had to fight to gain freedom, and now we fight to keep it. We learn about various battles such as the battles at Dorchester Heights, Long Island, and Trenton and about the leaders. We learn about George Washington, mostly, and leaders like General Cornwallis, Nathaneal Green, Henry Knox, General Howe and others. The American army was under the leadership of General George Washington was made up of young men unprepared to take on such a task. Washington was also unprepared, for they were about to take on one of the most powerful countries in the world. Despite the many failures and troubles they endured, perseverance and faith finally helped America win the battle.
I actually enjoyed the book more than I had anticipated. It was more of a story than just a book of historical facts. Mccullough wrote about our history without just laying the facts out there; there was an order to the way he arranged it. The inexperienced soldiers who fought for this country, had to put their fate into a man’s hand with little experience also, and yes, he did make his fair share of mistakes, but without General George Washington we would not be where we are today. Washington made many mistakes throughout his journey as leader but the Americans constantly stood by his side and continued to trust in him. Over and over again, the American army kept losing and along with that were also losing hope. Washington refused to let defeat get him down and decided to do something that would regain his trust by the American army. He snuck his men across the Delaware River and took Trenton by surprise. An ill prepared British army and a strategically prepared American army led to victory and became a turning in the war. 1776 was a significant year in American History. It was the moment when we finally became a nation of our own.
McCullough did a superb job in connecting us with the characters. We could feel the worry, the fear, the sadness, the joy of the soldiers as they