American Romanticism In The Minister's Black Veil

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Society will always have their opinions on you no matter what you do, many times people will judge you for the most irrelevant things. In the story, ¨The Minister's Black Veil¨, Mr. Hooper, the minister, because of the fact that he wears a black veil, he gets judged by the community and everyone talks behind his back. The community around you will always have opinions about certain people no matter who it is, occasionally even you will have an opinion and not even notice that you are judging someone. In addition, you shouldn't trust everybody that you think has your back. In this essay, I will be discussing how Mr. Hooper is showing how people will judge , what the black veil signifies, and what American romanticism characteristics Mr. Hooper shows.
Mr. Hooper was a Minister that everyone respected and he was known to be optimistic. No one knew why, but one day he decided to wear a black veil to give mass and at the instant Mr. Hooper walked in he was immediately judged by the sexton. ¨...´But what has good Parson Hooper got upon his face?´ cried the sexton in astonishment.¨ (page 1) It's ironic that one of the church workers, which has to be the most respectful out of all of the community is the first to judge. This shows the
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The theme of the story teaches you that not everyone is how they seem. People will judge you no matter what you do. For example, you could be known to only wear dark colors, and when you try and wear bright colors, people who don't like it because they know they can't pull that off will tell you that they don't like how bright colors look on you and you can't pull it off. Eventually, you will find out who people really are. Mr. Hooper found out that his community didn't like him anymore because they all judged him when he was wearing his black veil. When you find out who is real in your life, stick with those people because they are the real