American sniper s review serves many purposes Essay

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American sniper’s review serves many purposes. First purpose is to introduce the reader about the American history. Secondly, it is to inspire Americans people who serve for their country. Third purpose is to remember the soldiers who serve this country and sacrifice themselves. Nowadays, we called them heroes or even legend. However, there are several expectations the readers have from American sniper book review. First, a brief story about Chris Kyle and his family. Second, why this book is number 1 New York Times bestseller and many people are interested in it. Third, the positive and the negative feedback about the book. Fourth, some recommendation that the reviewer might recommend such as skipping some parts or to be more focus in some parts too. Fifth, how the author wrote the book.

Moreover, the readers of this book review might be different kind of people from different ages. For example, soldiers who is serving this country and how this book made them to fight and love their job more. Soldiers who retired and wanted to know about Chris Kyle as American hero and how was his life in Iraq or in the war generally. Soldiers who came from the war by having some major injuries in their body. Parents who have son or daughter in war and wanted to know more about the life there or specially in Iraq. politicians, who want to know about the situation there. Teenagers, specifically American teenagers, who have the desire to go to army and serve there. People who are