Research Paper On Deviance

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Deviance is any behavior that violates cultural norms. If I were to think back to a time where I myself engaged in an act of deviance, it would have to be when I was back in high school and I rebelled against my parent’s rule of curfew. During the years of my life when I thought I knew more than my parents, I felt as though an eleven o clock curfew was not an appropriate time for somebody who was in the eleventh grade. So, I stayed out as long as wanted to on the weekends. There would be period of times where I would argue with my parents about how unjust I felt their rules was. After all the arguments and the punishments that I went through with my parents, I still did not learn. It took me until the end of my junior year in high school to understand why exactly my parents thought it was not appropriate for me to stay out as late as I wanted to. There was incident where I snuck out the house to hang with my friends. We ended up going to some party nearby in town where all the kids was at. By the end of the night when I was ready to go home all my friends was nowhere to be found. I called them, I texted them and I was still unable to get in contact with any of my friends, I was stranded at a party with no way to get home. My last resort was to call my parents. My parents came and got me and I was so embarrassed and ashamed of what I have done that I could not even look at my parents in the face. After that night when all that took place I realized that at the end of the day my friends did not have my best interest in mind as though my parents did. My whole demeanor and mind set totally change and I begin to give my parents the respect that they deserve and adhere by their rules. Deviance can be a positive aspect or it could be a negative aspect. My example that I