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American Politics
Unit IV Chapter 13 gave information on all the roles of the president. I wasent surprised by all the jobs he had and the power that came with them, but I was surprised that all the individual jobs had titles. Officially, the president is the chief of state, chief executive, chief administrator, chief diplomat, commander in chief, chief legislator and chief of party. He's chief of quite a few things. Each of theses titles comes with specific responsibilities that the president must handle. The book also described the chain of presidential succession. Should anything happen to the president while in office the Vice President will step in. After him it's the tempore of the senate and then finaly the speaker of the house. After that I assume they just pull a name out a hat and the lucky, random citizen is elected president. Presidential primaries accur in all states except Iowa because Iowa wants to be unique so it holds something called a caucus. It works by having people meet in a designated location and then having them all stand in seperate spots corisponding to who they would like to vote for. It's strange but I guess it's alright as long as it works. Chapter 17 is all about forigen affairs and more specifically how most Americans care more about affairs that are domestic. Like Bill
Clinton's. I agree with the majority of Americans when I say we have enough problems at home we should be worrin about. Let's stop waisting money trying to…