American Women Who Helped Win World War Essay

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American Women Who Helped Win World War II

Brianna Schock
AP U.S. History
Lebanon High School
Andrea Morris
April 13, 2014

All during the course of World War II, American women played a huge and impactful part in the winning of World War II. Through their service in uniform and at home, the men could not have done it without the women. 1 Women aided in the atomic bomb, which was dropped in Hiroshima,2 industry, agriculture, and business. Because of their pride, strong will, and brave souls, they fought just as hard and fiercely as the men and sought to bring victory to their United States land. They even gave up their own lives in support for their country, and trudged on till the end, just like the men. War entitled for a sacrifice for all.3 Through the course over that time period, women had been uniting as one and raising a rebellion in their own hearts, effecting others, and pushing towards what they believe in and what they can reach; completed with this power, women could emotionally and physically push to win World War II.
To begin with, a large majority of women were involved in the making of the atomic bomb, in Oak Ridge Tennessee.4 These two different atomic bombs were dropped in August of 1945 in two different Japan cities. 5 The significance of this, is that it was mainly women who created this bomb, and did it all in secret.6 The women worked endless and tiring days, day after day, to ensure that whatever project they might be preparing, will help win and end the long and horrifying war of World War II—and it was so. In total, there was about 22,000 people, mainly women living in the state of Tennessee to help with this Manhattan project.7 Moreover, not only did the women help with the building and the structure of the atomic bomb, but also they reach all the way back and aid in the scientific chemical buildup of it all. Marie Curie and Lise Meitner were two very powerful and intelligent women who were two of the main contributors in making up this chemical and nuclear energy.8 Marie, a vigorous women, conducted the research that radioactivity does not fully rely on the arrangement of atoms in molecules.9 Ms. Meitner, however sometimes may be over looked by her partner Otto Hahn, provided and contributed to the very first hypothetical theory of the process of fissions.10 Through the extent and power of the research in which she and others provided, the atomic bomb was soon constructed into a vibrant role of World War II. Conversely, Lise was not the only woman who subsidized to the encounter of fissions—Ida Noddack was an unrecognized women who brought the discussion and possibility of fission.11 Conversely, just like a lot of women were in that time, they were just over looked and unheard of. Nevertheless, if it wasn’t for any of those women, the atomic bomb would not have been produced and the chemical make-up of it would have never been revealed. Overall, Women in Oak Ridge Tennessee devoted themselves and time to the foundation and the coming to life of the atomic bomb, in order to win and take part in the action of the war that was happening.
Furthermore, women not only got their hands dirty in their behind the scenes look, but also sacrificed themselves, just like the men to fight for their beliefs and country—this meant even for some, leaving their children behind. With a stunning amour of 40,000 women in the army fighting serving as nurses, corps, involved in the air force, emergency services, and many more exuberant tasks.12 In prior wars, women may not have been allowed to participate in the battles, but it was soon figured out that if it wouldn’t have been for them, the victory would not be in their hands.13 Some women never knew what they were actually capable of, and surprised themselves when they found out just what they could do. Most importantly, working and doing these kinds of jobs gave the women a sense of self-confidence.14Viewed as a turning point for the