American Women Ww2 Analysis

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A Comparison and Contrast of the Roles of Women in the United States and German Home Fronts during World War II
By: Samantha Cress
Word Count: 1987

A. Plan of Investigation
This investigation provides a comparison and contrast of women in the United States and German home fronts during World War II. The investigation will analyze the roles of these groups before the war and how they changed as the war progressed. This will allow for the analysis to determine if the lives of women were more similar or more different than one another on each home front. In order to carry out this investigation the roles of working class women will be researched in terms of relation to military, education, and working life. This will be investigated through the use of diaries, credited websites, and newspapers entries.
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B. Summary of Evidence
Women in the United States
• Before World War II the prevailing image of women was of a wife and mother (Partners in Winning the War)
• States barred women from holding jobs (Partners in Winning the War)
• The need to mobilize was important; the idea of gender roles changed (Purcell)
• Higher education for women became acceptable (Winkler)
• Women educators had networks of qualified women
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Members of the largest group, American Women’s Voluntary Services, were trained to drive ambulances, fight fires, and provide emergency medicine (Partners in Winning the War). Women in manufacturing also increased. Women abandoned traditional jobs, particularly domestic service, to work in war production plants offering 40% higher pay (Partners in Winning the War). War enabled some women to break into managerial ranks. With the help of women workers, total industrial production doubled between 1939 and 1945 (Partners in Winning the War). The country had to keep functioning even as millions of men who performed critical functions in the economy were