Essay on Americas and Huge Impact Worldwide

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Between 1500 and 1750, there was a massive and global surge of silver. Imports and exports of the precious ore benefited, hurt, or both nations worldwide.
Usually in all world trade, both sides benefit from it. The production of silver gave many empires much wealth and luxury. Many countries take advantage of the trade and profit from it as did the Portuguese in document 4. While China, a major consumer of silver, make huge revenue from foreign countries wanting Asian goods for silver, as stated in Doc 7. Some countries even adopted the trade where the goods were not important for other than clothing and luxuries. However, they cannot leave that niche, as in document 8. The British merchants. Ralph
Fitch saw the tree as a huge moneymaker. He Qiaoyan sees the trade as a major advancement for
China. Charles P Avenet viewed the trade as a key part of England.
Most view trade as a good thing, however the trade could be one sided, benefiting only one side. The enormous prices of goods, the change of tax payment, and even the basic currency led to the downfalls of countries. Spain received unneeded silver coins, farming is decreased from taxes, and business lose profit from silver currency. (DOC 2,3,5). Tomasde Mercado perceived the trade the end of Spain. Wang Xijue saw it as the fall of agriculture of China. While
Xu Dunque see it as the end in more profit in the businesses. However another source is needed to display how Spain react to their situation.