americas crime rate Essay

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Noah Gerry
Why people commit criminal acts?

The United States of America has the most crime rate out of any other country, there are obviously many reasons to why this is true. Most crime comes from the place where the poverty level is so high, places like Chicago, the Bronx, Pittsburgh, and even right here in Portland Maine. Where I live there is not much poverty and little crime that happens. There is no murders or rapes that happen where I live, at least none that we know about.
Gang affiliation is another main reason for Americas crime rate, most of the gangs come from poverty and they grow up in it and cannot get out. Big gangs like the Bloods or the Crips have a huge impact on peoples lives. Young kids grow up around it or know someone in a gang and when life is not going there way and they come from rough streets, they want people to have there back and a gang is there only option. I have no clue what the fact are, but my guess is that 75% or more of the murders and rapes that happen in these big cities, are gang affiliated. These gangs are always bringing in new members to add whether there young kids, or people that come from other countries and just end up in the wrong place. If the gangs are always growing and the poverty keeps getting worse, than I believe that the crime rate in America will just continue to get worse and worse.
Some people come from great families and are brought up the right way but then just fall into issues like…