Americas weight problem Essay

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America has a problem that no one is taking recognition for many people are blaming the fast food industry and others are blaming the people actually consuming the food. well everyone does have their own opinion but at the same time there is someone to blame. I personally believe that the person that actually consumes this junk is at fault for being overweight or obese, I mean you're the only one that controls what you do,say and think. You have many individuals blaming the very food they eat i think its really pathetic because you should have known by now that the fast food industry isn't what it says it is.

you often see billboards or even commercials talking about their food showing it off and making it sound like it isn't bad for you. For example McDonalds shows off their Happy meal and a toy with every purchase but it also shows how that fast food restaurant contributes back into our world. what i mean by that is that McDonalds contributes some of their own money to charities and organizations so they look like they care about people and want to help out children to be exact. The only thing they really care about is money they really don't care about what they serve to the public. Most children watch television in america so there affected when they see these commercials I think we all know that kids will do anything and everything to get what they want, The child will annoy the parent about a toy repeatedly and the parent will then eventually buy it so both persons in the situation are satisfied. So this is another strategy for the fast food industry to get more people to buy the junk they sell.

Another valid fact is producing the food like hamburgers,chicken nuggets, etc is extremely inexpensive for the food company, so while they maybe pay ten cents to make a burger the other person pays a dollar twenty five. That pretty much means you pay less for bad food and pay more for a salad or healthier food, since it's a lot more money to make so in the end you get your money's worth. In theory a $1 burger sounds like an amazing deal but in reality the poor quality of ingredients still doesn't really justify that $1 cost. Another thing the industry does is ask if you would like an additional item to add to your meal such as fries or an apple pie thus adding on the cost, you should also know there workers are actually trained to "take money from your pocket". Although you may like fast food that doesn't really mean you should eat it once a week I would recommend every other month or actually make food yourself at home, you will