Amerindian Project Syllabus

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Amerindian Project Syllabus First Steps th 1. Students will have to choose partners (4 in a group for 3rd period; 3 in a group for 4 period). Please be inclusive and don’t just pair up in friend groups. ***There will be no groups with less or more, so do not ask. 2. Students will have to choose between one of these Amerindian groups: Maya, Aztec,
Northern Peoples, and Inca. Each group will correspond to a section in the textbook.
Remember that the book and the AP Course material is the driving factors in this presentation, not what you like. 3. Students will then select a job to perform in the group. I am grading on each person's job and then on the way you work together in the groups and on presentation day for it to all come together. The jobs: Technologist (one who puts the presentation together on the computer). the technologist can use any kind of presentation program (PowerPoint, Prezi, iMovie, or others as long as they already know how to use them) Also, must load and run the presentation on presentation day. Speech/Script Writer/Historian (one who pieces together what will be presented through the history and organization of the information) Must work very closely with the Technologist. Cartographer/Map Maker/Map Finder (one who finds the maps and pictures that will be in the presentation to help better explain the Amerindian group.) Must be able to get the maps and pictures in a form that the technologists will use in the presentation and be able to explain on the day presented. Presenter (one who will take the lead on presentation day but also the defacto leader during research time because they don't have as much to do up front.) Must keep all documents and written information together and keep everyone on task. Warning:
Each person must do their best on their job and work well together. I will be issuing two grades one for the final project from a rubric which will be how well the students worked together during the time allotted and present. The other grade will be for the job that you perform. For those who will be out next week, I'll have the other students email a copy of what they have so that they can stay in