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Group Summary Definition of Nativism: Reactionary conservative movement characterized by heightened nationalism, anti­immigrant sentiment, and laws setting stricter regulations on immigration.
Definition of Sacco and Vanzetti case (1921): Trial of two italian immigrants that occurred at the height of italian immigration and against the backdrop of numerous terror attacks by anarchists; despite a lack of clear evidence, the two defendants both self­professed anarchists, were convicted of murder and were executed
Definition of Immigration Act of (1924): Federal legislation intended to favor northern and western immigrants over those from southern and eastern Europe by restricting the number of immigrants from any one european country to 2 percent of the total number of immigrants per year with an overall limit of slightly over 150000 new arrivals each year.
Definition of the Ku Klux Klan rally: an infamous post­civil war group of anti­black racists that had recreated itself in 1915. The new clan of 1915 was “%100 American” and expressed hatred to any other group. A. ) Nativism Overview.
1.) Red scare and Large­scale immigration restrictions lead to immigrant hysteria.
2.) 800,000 immigrated to U.S mostly from southern and eastern europe
3.) Some immigrants had ideas about socialism.
4.) Tried to close door on immigration
5.) Immigrants had Un­American ideals.
B.) Sacco and Vanzetti
1.) Political radicalism influences the court's decision
2.) Lack of evidence
3.) terrorist anarchists hurt Their case
4.) the judge was openly biased
5.) sentenced to death
C.) Immigration restrictions:
1.) due to concerns about foreign radicals
2.) Passed immigration act of 1924
3.) reduced percentages of immigrants from countries from 3 to 2 percent.
4.) Favored western and northern immigrants
5.) reduce southern and eastern europeans
6.) lead to high immigration of hispanics.

7.) Nativists: aggressively defended established values, old certainties, and the comfort of past routines.
D.) The new Ku Klux Klan:
1.) 100% American
2.) Strict personal morality
3.) Expressed hatred for Blacks, catholics, jews, immigrants, communists, atheists, prostitutes, and adulterers
4.) Included a women's klan called Kemellia.
5.) klan had 4 million members
6.) corrupted politics­ stephenson
7.) states passed anti­klan laws.

Group Jobs Organizer: Kennon
Presenter: Austin
Scribe: Austin
Moderators: Kennon and Thomas

Austin Scott
AMH 2020
07­14­15 “Nativism” During the 1920’s an ideal that white­Americans were the best became known as nativism.
According to
America: The essential learning edition nativism is known as “A reactionary conservative movement characterized by heightened nationalism, anti­immigrant sentiment, and laws setting stricter regulation on immigration”. Nativism at its rawest