Ami Klin's Speech On Autism Summary

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After experiencing an environment where individuals with autism were in utter isolation by living at a residential unit for adults with autism, Ami Klin began his journey to inform people about autism. In his lecture, he urges to diagnose individuals with autism at an earlier age to prevent them from the isolation that the adults at the residential unit had experienced. Klin’s lecture is centered around a new way of diagnosing autism. He reveals the novel method of using an eye tracking device to diagnose autism early on. The use of modern technology in this way would provide better treatment for children with autism and lessen the consequences their families face. He further justifies that the diagnosis of autism should be done using
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He provides several reasons to support his claim, such as diagnosing autism early can allow room for taking preventative measures; thus, enhancing the ability of the child to function in the world. However, Klin should’ve supported his reasons by providing more information of the possible treatments for autism. He reveals the new method of diagnosing autism early; however, what should be done after the autism is diagnosed? It’s crucial to inform others about how autism can be treated and the steps that should be taken to treat it because simply diagnosing autism early will not fix it. The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development explains that “research shows that early diagnosis and interventions are more likely to have major positive effects” (National Institutes of Health). This shows us that although there is no known treatment or cure for autism, after it is diagnosed, intervention methods can be used to reduce the negative effects of autism. Furthermore, the Institute provides a way to intervene by notifying us that “Each state has its own early intervention program for children from birth to age 2 years who are diagnosed with developmental delays or disabilities” (National Institutes of Health). It is recommended that the children should join such programs after they have been diagnosed with