Amina Malo Character Analysis

Words: 2085
Pages: 9

Malo family becomes distance and life feels unfair as the majority of the family responsibilities are left on the mother who is mentally uncombative to face challenge. Amina becomes invisible to society, but has a huge effect on the family around her.” Dear Carole, Chaka’s abandoning me and I’ve given up hope that hell reflect on his role in abandoning the family even as he preaches about the black family.” (Chapter 6 Ginga) Page 107. Amina Malo’s mother is struggling emotionally and mentally dealing with low self esteem issues, troubled children and her husband who doesn’t come home at night. Amina suffers from mental illness and her depression is serious. Chaka Malo father has admitted Amina into a psych ward for mental help. “They steal …show more content…
Malo is curious and when his father leaves he goes through their room. “I snoop through their room. I pull out his doubled barreled shotgun. Load it. Feels way heavier loaded. In the mirror hanging on the door I point the 12-gauge right at my face. I wonder what would happen if I pulled the trigger? If I killed my reflection? I moved my mom stuff, find her journal.” (Chapter 5 open secrets) page 87. Amina separates from her husband after 25 years of marriage and he decides to leave for good once she is released from the mental hospital. Amina submits to her emotions knowing her husband is ashamed of her and her children are distant. Returning home Amina finds out shocking news that her oldest son Uzi who she sent to Arizona has gotten into some trouble with that law and accused of statutory rape of a white girl. “Dear Carole if I could run, hide from bad news, I would be on the other side of the world.” (Chapter 10 Bail money) page 142. “By the power…… Arizona…. Herby…Guilty Ten Years…” (Chapter 11 Christmas in AZ) Page 156. Uzi is locked away for 10 years and Chaka needs space from Amina. Amina Is consistently destroyed and mental Illness has taken over her mind and body as she becomes invisible to her family leaving a