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Setup your lightbulb for this unit. For this you will need to do the following...
Title the Pages 14 and 15 DECODING THE CODE in graphic lettering.
Draw a central icon in the middle of the page. Often we use a lightbulb (of course!) but you should feel free to think of other images that might be relate to the central theme of DNA and proteins.
Write the four stem questions around the central icon. Make this a little bolder/graphical than the usual writing you'll do. Remember one for each quarter of the page. These questions are:
How are DNA/RNA like a secret code?
How do we make copies of the code?
Into what and how is the code translated into a message?
What do we do with the message?
Due Thursday, October 2
Title page 19 in your notebook DNA and Hot Pockets (part 1).
For this assignment you'll be watching PART (not all...) of the CrashCourse video DNA, Hot Pockets and the Longest Word Ever. Observe the following as you do this:
You will watch from 0:00 to 5:35
Watch the video clip BEFORE you begin to take notes. This will give you an idea of how you might proceed with your notes. Pay special attention to what graphics you might like to add.
Due Thursday, October 2
NOTICE - Test this Friday! The test on Friday September 26 will cover:
The concepts of properties of water, amino acids, proteins, nucleic acids, DNA and RNA.
The details of these are in pages 6-7 and 10-18 in your spiral notebook.
The test will not cover Carbohydrates or Lipids.
Make sure you know the cutout amino acid structures we created.
Thursday, September 25 - Title page 18 in your notebook Different...But the Same
For this assignment you'll design a Venn Diagram that compares and contrasts DNA and RNA...two forms of nucleic acids. Keep the following in mind as you do so.
Consider differences in structure (and drawing these differences)
What jobs (functions) do they do? Which are different and which are the same?
Where are they found?
Remember to keep it neat and organized...use a ruler when you make straight lines!
Due Friday, September 26
Tuesday, September 23 - Title page 17 in your notebook RNA
For this assignment you'll create a set of notes from 3 SOURCES. You'll need to pack a lot onto your write tight. Do the sources in the order as it follows:
DNA Structure and Replication video. From 5:35 to 6:21
Take notes from chapter 12-3 from the textbook. You will take notes only from the intro paragraph and the sections titled The Structure of RNA, and Types of RNA. These are on pages 300-301. Make sure to include figure 12-12. Keep it small and straightforward. You'll need the space later!
NovaLabs: The RNA Enigma. There are a series of videos on this page...just watch the one with this title. This video shows that far from being just a passive player in cells...RNA does some pretty crazy stuff. In seems clear...that RNA came before DNA! wild...
Due Thursday, September 25
Monday, September 22 - Title page 16 in your notebook DNA
Notice...this assignment goes on PAGE'll use 14 - 15 for the next lightbulb page...we'll start that in class.
For this assignment you'll create a set of graphic notes from a portion of the video DNA Structure and Replication. Observe the following as you do this...
You will take notes from 0:00 to 5:35. This covers DNA. The material after this goes over RNA...and some other material that we aren't quite ready to run yet. So stop here.
Remember to do a nice job putting diagrams in. The written information should pivot off of