Amish Paradise Essay

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The Amish culture began in Europe, around the 1700s they migrated to America settling into Pennsylvania. Today the Amish have more than 200 settlements, in 22 states as well as groups living in Canada around Ontario. Though they are mostly known for the lack of using technology they are one of the most profound and most distinctive cultural groups that we have in America.

The Amish are Agriculturists. Agriculture is when you cultivate soil, produce crops, and raise livestock making it their primary mode of subsistence. Amish farmers plant several crops annually depending upon the season. They have huge gardens, and raise animals for meat. A typical Amish community will have cows to produce milk and meat, chickens for eggs as well as meat, pigs for ham, pork, and sausage. They will also have orchards for fruit and an abundance of vegetables that they plant themselves.
By raising and growing their own food the Amish have a very healthy diet containing fresh food in the growing and the harvest months and are able to save a large amount of fruits and veggies during the winter. Farming duties fall on all members of a family, men, woman, and children all work together to farm, and gather fruit and veggies to feed the family, although cooking mostly falls on to the women of the household. The Amish also take part in woodworking to sell pieces they make. They make a living by selling crops from their farm as well as meat and even work with markets in other states through trade.
The Amish beliefs and values are based on the Amish Ordnung; The Ordnung is an unwritten set of rules and regulations that the Amish apply to their everyday lives. The Ordnung provides them with the foundation to have a Christian community and sets up rules to keep the community intact.
The Amish believe when submitting oneself to the Ordnung is a way to validate a modest spirit, which is perceived a vital Christ like trait. One has to subvert individualism and arrogance for the better of the community. They do this by faithfully adhering to the Ordnung.
Since the Ordnung is an unwritten set of rules, they are not found in the Bible, but are based in scriptural principle. Outlining plain dress is something the Amish base on several passages in Scripture. They have restrictions on the color of clothing, the forbidding of electricity, owning/using technologies, and divorce.
Throughout the community’s the Ordnung can change from church district to church district, meaning style of dress, or technology accepted in one district may be prohibited in another. Allowing this change gives us the ability to differentiate one group of Amish from another.
There can be times when Amish violate the Ordnung, They can become in possession of technology that is forbidden, or commit acts of sin such as cheating or adultery. When there is a violation, the Church ministry will visit the wrongdoer and request him to cease the deviant behavior.
When a violator doesn’t stop their behavior there is a chance they will be excommunicated, or shunned by the bishop. Though an Amish may be shunned they have the possibility of returning to the community. They must confess to the church, and have a waiting period before they are reinstated.
Following the Ordnung is a very important aspect of Amish life; they view it as an indispensable basis for the Christian communal living, and is the key to living full Christian lives.
The Amish are mostly known for the lack of technology, they view it as a weakness that can disrupt the family structure. Most of us use technology every day; cellphones, computers, television and even cars are something we take for granted that the Amish do not use or have a desire to. These technologies are “considered to be a temptation that could cause vanity, create inequality, or lead the Amish away from their close-knit community and, as such, are not encouraged or accepted in most orders.” (Albrecht Powell 2013) Because of this lack of modern tech, the