Ammie s Love Essay

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A young girl named Ammie was tired of the heartbreak and lies from those who she thought loved her. She cried every night because she wanted to be loved. One day she finally was fed up with the lies that were being told and the sweet nothings that were being said to her. She decided that she would do exactly what the people did to her, so she became a true bachelorette. Eventually, she became tired, she wanted to be loved again, and she still longed someone to be with. One day Ammie started to paint a figure so strong unique and beautiful just like her ideal man. Each day she would go to the canvas talk to the man in the painting as if his mouth could say something back, sing to him as if his ears could listen, she would imagine him holding her as if he had soft warm loveable skin as if she never wanted to let him go.
Whenever, Ammie went to bed, all she did was think about her painting, and how he was consuming all of her heart with love. Her infatuation with the creative painting grew to an obsessive passion. She knew that it made no since for her to love something that is not alive, yet she could not help herself but to do so. She grew to love the only thing that never hurt her. She wished she could find a way to make the one thing that she loved so dearly actually become alive. She desired a man that would hold and stay with her happily for the rest of her life.
One night as Ammie was lying in her bed dreaming of her true love the feeling of heartbreak came over her. A girl loving something because it makes her happy, no matter what the case may be, she tries with all her might…