Ammonia: Conversation and Lady Windermers Fans Essay

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In the passage " Lady Windermers Fans " by Oscar Wilders Reveals the characters though conversations between a small group that is made up of Duchess of Berwick ,Lord Darlington and lady Windermers. The character seem to say everything and mean nothing as they are having conversation in which they think is harmless flirtation and trivial through somewhat cruel , gossip . These three characters are very different. Although all of them are from a high society the value of each of them are opposite from one another.Wilde illustrates The attitudes of the people as well as the standards of their society. He shows the snobbishness Of other people and their values of other as inferior.

In the passage the Duchess of Berwick seems as a woman who values money and is also very proper. This is shown in the beginning when she states "far too wicked" as she doesnt let lord Darlington know her daughter. The Duchess a Berwick always has some gossip to share , a name to drop or a party to talk about. In the passage she is described as a woman who is very confident and values authority.This reflects the wealth novelty woman thought of themselves but she quotes only " some" are actually good . She seems to be a very uptight and expect everybody to agree with where she thinks. Berwick is the type of woman who would put someone down just to be above them .

Lord Darlington is represented in this passage as a man who thinks highly of himself even though people are always putting him…