Ampli Ear Ad Summary

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The Ampli-ear Ad was one of the multitude of prevalent features of the Millennial era which were Infomercials that used appeals to logos to propose a hollow sense of legitimacy. The Ad is tailor-made for the older generations such as Baby-Boomers whose members would be 40 years of age at the time of the year 2008 and their oldest to be in their 60s. This Ad in particular played on their fears over the fact that age would cause failure of their ears, how their disability interfered with their lives and the people around them, and an overwhelming sense of being a relic of the past in comparison to the Millennial which they were worlds apart mentally. When the Ad’s targeted audience gazed upon the Ad they’re first attracted to the title which states “Americans Have Ordered Over 750,000 Ampli-Ear Hearing Amplifiers”. Giving off the impression that dozens upon dozens of people have already bought Ampli-Ear and as the reader finishes with eyeing at the top and begin gazing downward the far tinier lines whose length it would of occupied if it’s the same size as its …show more content…
Not $500”. This tells the viewer that from their assumed knowledge of the standard prices of hearing aids that could certainly obtain a bargain from this ad. The Reader could snap their eyes toward the middle right and quickly notice the bolded font that says “Try Ampli-Ear RISK FREE!”. And just below that the reader will see an un-bolded paragraph that remarks that the reader can send the Ampli-ear back if the reader were unsatisfied during the month the reader had it. And upon the bolded sentence just below it exclaims “No Questions Asked. Easy. Simple. Honest.”. this gives the reader a sense of security, that they can retract their money at whenever they please during the month they bought the