Amputation and Athlete Oscar Pistorius Essay

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Taiyang Zhang
Maike Hudson
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Sep. 16 2012
Blade Runner The Paralympic Games is the world's second largest major international multi-sport event, involving athletes with a range of physical and intellectual disabilities, including mobility disabilities, amputations, blindness, and cerebral palsy. Paralympic Games, held every four years since 1960 held in Rome, Italy, to the 2012 in the 14 times Athens Paralympic Games is already. 52 years later, more than 400 athletes from 23 countries and regions from the initial registration to the 3806 player of the 14th London Paralympic Games in 136 countries and regions participating, the size and influence of the Paralympic Games is constantly expanding, which not only marks the development of the times, but also reflects the progress of human civilization. First, as we know, the famous athlete Oscar Pistorius, is a South African sprint runner. Pistorius, who has broken his own world, records some 30 times. His reputation as the “fastest man on no legs” continues to grow, as does his international fan-base. In addition, Oscar Pistorius was born without a fibula and ankle, and only four toes. In his 11 months of age, out of the need of the protection of the body, he had to amputate the leg. After six months he was fitted with prosthetic and one year later, he was accustomed. To outsiders, this is unfortunate, but in his opinion, this is not the beginning of the tragedy, it is a rebirth of life. He still thinks of himself as handicapped, because if normal physique athletes can do it, he can do it. However, Oscar Pistorius has extraordinary sporting talent and is good at boxing, rugby, water polo and tennis. He is especially good in boxing and rugby. He does not seem to have disadvantage, and even gained the upper hand in close combat. When he fitted with prostheses he could do anything and was even selected for South Africa's water polo team. He also likes motorcycle racing and golf, but was a football and water polo player, and the even refused to park the car in the disabled parking spaces. Oscar Pistorius parents raised him to think people with disabilities should be treated in the traditional sense. This led him to participate in a large number of sports practice, as he grew up he liked sports and tried a variety of different sports, like boxing , water polo, etc. Eventually, however he found himself running what seemed on advantage. From school, Oscar Pistorius has demonstrated extraordinary talent; teammates are convinced that he can have a successful career. Fitted with prosthetic, Oscar Pistorius can become the best water polo player, on the tennis court, he can be a fierce contestant with the able-bodied people, even playing fierce confrontation rugby. And he said "You're not disabled by the disabilities you have, you are able by the abilities you have." On the other hand, debate over his capability never stopped. The New York Times had described him as “wandering in between incompetents and disabled people”. And those wearing up –to-date contestants or change with each passing day running shoes for different runner, his artificial limb seem to be far beyond the definition of equipment, coupled with the magic competition achievement let International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF) acing unprecedented challenge. But the IAAF or other existing sports law cannot find about high-tech equipment for player auxiliary ability of clear limit in ensuring that individual athletes participating rights and ensure fair competition environment, in the dilemma of trade-off, the IAAF chose the latter, they found that the law supports his equipment.
The magic competition result accumulation let IAAF facing unprecedented challenges, whether you want to allow the Oscar Pistorius begins officially involved in incompetent’s game. This gives IAAF out the word problem: those called “cheetah” running prostheses, actually is just making up for the disabled or will