Amt1310 Unit 2 Assignment

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Addition is one of the four basic operations of arithmetic with the others being subtraction, multiplication, and division. The addition of two whole numbers is the total amount of those quantities combined. As a future elementary teacher I will be doing a lot of addition within the classroom and throughout the first three weeks of school we have been learning different ways to do addition and to also understand place value clearly. We also have been learning about different number systems and what their interpretations are. Throughout this AMT I will be discussing the video on a second grade class, I will talk about different number systems in order to better understand our own base -10, and lastly I will be discussing standard algorithm.

1. We watched, a video on an excerpt from a 2nd grade class solving the addition problem 48 + 25.
a) What were the three solution methods used by children on the tape? Why do they work?
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The student saw that the number 48 would be easier to work with if she used the number 40 and dropped the 8. Then the student noticed that the same could happen to 25 and the student could drop the five to make the number 20. Now the student adds the tens place together 40 + 20 to get 60. Sense we are still missing the ones place of each number 8 and the 5 the student then adds 60 + 8 to get 68. And lastly, the student now has to add the 5 to the 68 to get a total of 73. I believe that this is a great method for students and that can work with just about anything because the numbers are easier to work with and the students can count on easily without having any mistakes. By breaking the numbers down to numbers that are smaller and make sense to the student helped the student come to the answer easily and