Amusement Park and Thrillopher Essay

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Iman Nandi
Mr. Heller
Honors English III
October 16, 2013
Poe Vignette
Studios: Well, that was a strenuous day at school. I got a lot of work to do when I get back home.
(Studios strolls home, and finds Thrillopher)
Studios: Wow, you resemble me so much.
Thrillopher: Yeah, I guess you do look a little like me, but I could never be related to a nerd like you.
(Thrillopher takes his longboard and skates away)
(2 hours later)
Studios: I think I will take a little walk since I’ve been writing this paper for a while now.
(Studios starts walking down the street and sees Thrillopher again)
Thrillopher: Hey, I just saw you today. Do you want to come to Six Flags this Saturday with me and my friends? My friends will think it is pretty cool that I have a twin.
Studios: I don’t know. I got to study for my math test on Monday.
Thrillopher: You know you can study on Sunday. Don’t be a loser. Have a little fun on Saturday and come with us.
Studios: Umm, alright.. I guess.
Thrillopher: Great, I’ll pick you up from your house then.
(Saturday morning)
Thrillopher: Hey, come on. We have to scurry.
(Studios comes out)
Thrillopher: ….Wow, are you seriously going to wear jeans and a polo shirt to an amusement park. You’re going to muddy them. Go change quick to something more comfortable, like a t-shirt and a pair of shorts.
Studios: Ok…I’ll see if I can find them.
(Studios inspects around his closet and finds his only pair of shorts and picks out one of his only two t-shirts and comes out)
Studios: Ok! Ready!
Thrillopher: Alright then, let’s go!
(Thrillopher drives his friends and Studios to Six Flags)
Friends: Wow, he looks exactly like you. It’s amazing. You sure you’re not related.
Thrillopher: Yep, I’m pretty sure. He’s nothing like me.
(They arrive at Six Flags)
Thrillopher: Alright, let’s go!
(Thrillopher runs into the park and enters, while Studios slowly walks)
Thrillopher: Why are you so slow kid, let’s hurry!
Studios: Ok….
(Studios starts jogging to the entrance)
(Everyone gets tickets and enters)
(2 hours later)
Thrillopher: Ok, we still haven’t gone on that giant roller coaster, the Bizarro. We have to go on it