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Amy Box
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March 27, 2012
The Necklace: The Lost Chapter The term butterfly effect means that a small change in one setting can have a larger impact somewhere else. On one Sunday afternoon, Madame Loisel went for a walk in the Champs Elysees to clear her thoughts after a long week of work. She was simply thinking how long ten years of paying debts distracted her from the possibility of children. Once the thought of children came to mind, “she suddenly perceived a woman who was leading a child. It was Madame Forestier, still young, still beautiful, and still charming (Maupassant 10).” How astonishing that Mathilde was thinking how differently her life would have been if she had not lost the necklace and had the chance to raise a child and there her eyes were led to Madame Forestier and her child. Mathilde decided she had nothing else to lose, so she decided to walk up to Madame Forestier to simply say hello. “Good-day, Jeanne (Maupassant 10).” Jeanne did not recognize Mathilde because Mathilde had aged greatly and looked worn like an old leather wallet about to fall apart. Mathilde explained to her good friend that it was because of her she had great poverty.
Jeanne confused and almost offended asked: “I’m sorry; I don’t seem to understand how I am the cause of your hardship? The last time we saw each other everything seemed fine!” Mathilde then relayed the memory of returning the diamond necklace but that it was a substitute necklace. She told Jeanne she lost the original necklace at the ball and had to pay thirty-six thousand francs and that was the reason why she took so long to return it to her ten years ago. And ten years ago today, she was finally able to breathe. But Madame Forestier is speechless for the moment. “Mathilde, you silly woman! My necklace was simply vintage costume jewelry! Honestly, it was only worth about five hundred francs!” Mathilde dropped to her knees and her eyes flooded with tears. She did not know whether to be happy, upset, or just to be confused! She could not ask for the money back, could she? “Jeanne… what—what am I supposed to do with that information now?” Jeanne is not a friend to turn her back on anyone, especially to Mathilde. She had to pay her back for all the misunderstanding and long years of work! Jeanne would immediately set this right. She suddenly tells Mathilde to meet her at her house so that she could return the necklace Mathilde rightfully owns. But, Mathilde is unsure about her feelings about the sudden news because she is still in shock. Her stomach is tied in knots and it feels like cold, winter ocean waves are crashing into her body.
Mathilde finally speaks up: “…No, I couldn’t ask for the necklace back. I should have just told you the truth in the first place and all of this could have been avoided!” Jeanne simply smiled then says: “I should have told you that it wasn’t authentic when you came to visit me but I wanted you to feel especially perfect that night. Truly, this is just a misunderstanding and I will not take no for an answer! Now, meet me at my place in half an hour because you deserve this second chance.” Jeanne made it to her Victorian home before Mathilde arrived and she waited in her sun room with tea and snacks. She was curious about Mathilde’s life and how her husband was doing. Mathilde arrived a few minutes after Jeanne set the table and they both began to relive their memories from the past ten years. Mathilde eventually tells her to have a child would be a dream come true and she is so grateful she is able to provide for her possible, future child with her husband. It was like a new beginning for Mathilde and a breath of fresh air. Mathilde went in depth about how before everything that had happened, she only cared about jewels, to be sought after, and beautiful clothing that children never crossed her mind. And when that was all taken away from her after one beautifully, intoxicating night, she realized that those