Amy Hahn Assignment

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The person I choose for this assignment is a very close family friend who has been in my families life forever. Amy Hahn is a dentist at Rhoades Family Dentistry and owns the office. She also graduated from Aquinas in 1989. She is very successful but unlike many successful people she helps the world and all the people around her. She is the least bit selfish and has a heart for helping people.
She is like an aunt to my sister and Iand we are so lucky to call her family. Her successes aren't just being a dentist and owning her own office, she is also known for her charity and helping of others. Besides helping people in America and being a doctor she helps people all over the world as well. I chose Amy because i think that everyone should know the impact she made on so many people. Not only did she encourage me to become a dentist but she is helping me make it happen. She does so much for others and loves doing it, so thats why im sharing her story today. Her impact on the world is that Amy and her team flew to Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Guatemala to help the towns that were very very poor and couldn't afford dental help or help in general.
A christian Hero is obediently following God’s will for their life, Sacrificing for their neighbor, Lifting up those who
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I feel that Amy is a christian hero because she follows god's will for her life when she helps others in need. I also think she is a christian hero because she sacrificed her health and life to help others when she visited these poor countries full of filth, diseases, and major crime. Another example is how her and her team of dentists donated money, food, water, and provided dental help.. like helping with any sickness or injury. This shows how bad the conditions were with all the crime, filth, and diseases and yet they were selfless and showed that they were true christian heroes and wanted to make a