Essay about Amy Winehouse: Music and Addictions

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Amy signed her first record deal at age 16. Amy’s first album, “Frank” was released on October 2003. This album got a lot of positive feedback, which inspired her to write more songs. While going through a hard time with her boyfriend, Amy wrote songs about their relationship. That’s why many of her songs are meaningful and you can relate to them. Most of Amy’s songs are about her love life or drugs, which makes them unique. Not only her looks but her amazing voice is what makes her one of the pretties women and soul singers of all times.
Amy Winehouse had a very unique hair style, which was an inspiration for many fashion designers. Amy had a fragile but self-destructive personality. In 2001 she was named the second greatest ultimate heroin by the British population but one year later she was voted the second most hatted personality in the UK, that’s how she was known for her profanity and brutal personality. While struggling with her marriage, Amy had become addicted to substances, drug consumption and bulimia. All of this gave her a very strange behavior, sometimes she would be so drunk at her performances that she couldn’t sing one whole set of songs. Amy was always appearing on the press.
While going through tough times Amy released her second album “Back to Black” which sold a million copies throughout the summer. Her husband Blake Fielder-Civil was the inspiration for the Back to Black tracks. Also with the album “Rehab” she won a BRIT award for best female solo artist, it also made number 4 on the US pop chart. Her album “Stronger than Me” and “Frank” earned the Ivor novella awards and a novella award for best contemporary song. In 2003 she was nominated for 2 BRIT awards, her career kept on growing and 5 years later she was the