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. People who will go for help and support will be in poverty and so information about who goes and the reasons will be able to be gathered.
More specifically, the foundation looks at children within poverty and what causes it, the policies the government have made to reduce child poverty and the consequences that will come if they aren’t analysed. The information that the foundation have gathered can be sent and shown to the government who will see what is happening within society and possibly do something about the contemporary problem by bringing in policies and acts such as the Child Poverty Act that many political parties have signed up to, to abolish child poverty in the year 2020. Also, the government have strategies which show their plans of action, tackling the issue of child poverty. Poverty also effects a child’s education with 2 major projects looking at the ‘formation and role of attitudes and aspirations towards education’. The first project was a longitudinal study carried out at the University of Bristol which looked the differences in attainment between rich and poor children and what influences the children have. The other project was also a longitudinal study and was done at Glasgow University. This project aimed to look at understanding a child’s own attributes, family life, and school effected their aspirations within their teenage life.
Employment is also a big issue and that is looked at in the foundation. People from the organisation have been helping and working with the public to find out what the minimum amount of money they need from their jobs to live on. From the information gathered the foundation, they found out the minimum income that people and families need to live. However, the end amount doesn’t cover housing and child care. Also, people who are on benefits do not reach this minimum. This information gathered can be shown to other to allow them to have their own perspective on the issue and if they are told about the problems that certain people and families have, they may help by sending money to the charity to help families in need.
Next is housing and their aim within this section is: ‘To support resilient communities and places where people thrive.’ The foundation has key areas that they want to improve within the next 3 years. One area is making sure policy-makers see the information that they have collected to make them think about areas such as housing for children in the future and effect of climate change.…