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1.03 Assignment
1. The three things I learned about William Bradford he was born in 1590. His grandparents died he lived with his uncle. He did much to support him and his wife.
2. William Bradford is significant in American History because he was one of the first governors in American History. Also, he wrote many letters, poems, conferences and other writing what made him famous.
3. The personal tragedy that occurred while the Mayflower was anchored off province town Harbor was the death of William Bradford wife she accidently fell overboard and drowned.

November 2, 1500’s Adventure! Ready my boys? “Climb on top Back O Beyond”! Says the pirate. Waiting for everyone to get on the boat, my first time ever in a life time doing this. I’m scared but I’m ready. I’ve never been in a situation where I would have to sail so far out. As my friend ask me “What my boy are you excited”? I’m excited but I have a little fear in my heart. I’m kind of upset for leaving my family but this is something I always wanted to do I never knew I would have done it. It’s shocking to me which leaves me a little shaky. It feels good to try something new besides let’s stop with the stories. I’m ready I came this far I’m going to enjoy the Adventure and have fun. ‘AHOY” AHOY” shouts the pirate. Were Here! Were finally here! Everyone seem so ready except me but I decided to stand up and attend I seen it all the waters, the, wind, the dark sky…. We all got out Barking Irons, and we were…