An Analysis of Lord of the Flies by William Golding Essay

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In the novel Lord of the flies written by William Golding, the character named Jack is the one who goes through the most change. An island that was so clean and perfect somewhat like utopia was ruined until the boys came. Not knowing what to do but just focused on survival lead them into savagery. Jack goes through experiences in relationships mainly with Ralph, Violence and Rules of the game.
Firstly: Jack is described to be a light blue eyed boy, very thin and ugly, “His face was crumpled and freckled without silliness”. Jacks original feelings were to keep an organized group on the island and follow and obey all the rules. Jack is also described to be someone always looking for power, this shows how much he desires to be a leader and his attitudes show that he wants power over everything. The relationship he has with Ralph is somewhat pure hate. They both hate each other and never seem to get along with each other that well, “They walked along 2 continents of experience and feeling unable to communicate”. Jack and Ralph are like competitors; Jack is increasingly antagonistic and hostile while Ralph is the one who is against all of this. Jack seeks to humble Ralph through power and control yet also seeks to destroy him. The relationship he had with Ralph helped me understand how Jack is as an individual. His attitude and yearn for power and control showed me how arrogant he can be.
Secondly: Another main point to why Jack is the character who experienced most change is ‘Rules of the game’. As he states at the beginning of the story “We’ve got to obey them, after all we’re not savages”…”We’ll have rules, Lots of rules then when anyone tries to break em”. Jack was the one who broke the rules and went into savagery; Jack is the leader of the hunting tribe where they would hunt pigs. He is initially excited to play at democracy, increasing frustration he then doesn’t want to play anymore with the rules. He breaks ultimate social taboo which is cannibalism (well tries to anyways). This made me understand how Jack is not true to his word. Savagery has taken over him and the savagery shows how he has