An Analysis Of President Obama

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In a democracy a president is elected to oversee the population for up to two four-year terms. The president runs against other high political individuals and in the end, runs against other person. The population has the option to vote and choose between the president and the opposing person amongst other categories. I personally feel as though Barrack Obama, our President, should win and regain office. Although the opponent’s views carry some sort of merit, they still compliment the views of Obama. Obama wants to help the middle class and those in need with health care. He has put Obama care in place in order to ensure that people without health care receive the proper treatment that they deserve. Both Obama and his opposition, Mitt Romney, were interested in creating jobs, but they had different ways of doing so. Obama was in favor of creating new jobs here in America but Romney didn’t want that, he wanted to give people jobs that already existed, but overseas. Obama believed that the key to getting out of the bad economy was a stronger middle class so he lowered taxes and made everything equal, whereas Romney wanted to tax the middle class more and the rich less. There would have been a tremendous loss of health benefits, the elderly would suffer because of this and that’s not right because the elderly helped build this great nation. The elderly would not be the only ones to suffer, the disabled people would suffer as well. Those that have pre-existing injuries would face a big loss because of