Essay on An Analysis of Shiloh by Bobbie Ann Mason

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To the most ordinary of people life changing events can occur at anypoint and time, flipping the page to a new chapter in life. Whether these events affect one and their partner, or merely ones self, they bring challenges that seem unavoidable. "Shiloh" written by Bobbie Ann Mason, shows through the technique of symbolism how life changing events bring smothered feelings to light, showing the change from one's day to day life, to a complete new manner of way.

"Shiloh" set in a town in Kentucky follows the oridinary life of Leroy and Norma Jean Moffit, until a trucking accident brings Leroy home for good, in change from his usual life on the road. While Leroy was on the road with his truck, he missed the change of his town from a rural surrounding to a more suburb environment, in sense reflecting how Leroy has been oblivous to the changes of his marriage as the years have passed. Along with the changes of his marriage, the gender roles in the Moffit household have also altered, making the reader aware of how their marriage is slowly falling apart. While Leroy is forced to sit at home due to the accident he begins to pick up hobbies much like a "housewife" sewing needle point pillows, and constructing crafts from kits; while Norma Jean goes about being the sole provider for her and her husband. However Leroy dreams of building a log cabin for Norma Jean and himself from one of his craft kit models, symbollicaly portraying their marriage. Leroys fight for the log cabin symbolise's his fight for his marriage, dispite the clear fact that Norma Jean is uninterested and has given up all hope. Leroy soon realizes his marriage has become much like the hollow interior of the log cabin he dreams of. While Norma Jean proceeds to move forward with her life, going from a fitness class to a night composition class, Leroy is stuck in the past, pestering Norma Jean about the cabin unaware of the fact that Norma Jean wants to adapt to her surroundings. Leroy resisting to do the same is much