Essay on An Analysis of the Poem Go and Open the door by Miroslow Holub

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Change occurs when we experience new situation. These situations help us to develop physically, emotionally and spiritually. This is evident in the poem “Go and Open the door” by Miroslow Holub.
When we step outside the door and face the world we develop physically. We breather the fresh air which helps us to grow and become healthy. We see the environment around us and we feel the wind pushing us forward stepping outside makes us leave our comfort zone which is limited and shows us a new world. This can be just ‘a tree or a garden’ but it can be more than that. Opening the door can give us access to a “magic world”.
“The Magic world” is the way that we can develop emotionally. In a magic world things seem to have a special quality which enhances our feeling. The dog even takes human qualities in the personification “The Dog is scraping”. The Repetition “Go and Open the door” is the encouragement to break down the barrier and face the open world for emotional growth. As long as we stay enclosed space we do not grow emotionally because we are encountering new things. But you need to take a chance to step outside even if there was absolutely nothing. However stepping outside does not only develops us emotionally but also it develops us by spiritually.
When we develop spiritually we see things clearly. The wind will help you move forward in your life and see the path clearly. Even if you can’t see anything at least the “draught” will help the mist to clear away. As the fog or