Essay on An Analysis of A Message to Garcia by Elbert Hubbard

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A Message to Garcia: Book Report 1

The book “A Message To Garcia” is not entirely about the story behind how “The Message” gets to General Garcia; it’s mostly focused on the moral lesson that the author, and everybody should take from how the events take place. The book begins telling the story about an assigned mission, which consisted in delivering a letter to an insurgent General who was located in a hostile territory, but nobody knew his exact position. Rowan, the person who was assigned this mission, accepted it instantly without any questioning or doubt. Here is where the author actually starts to establish the message and more than that, the whole meaning and purpose of the book. From this point on, the author expresses the value of a person with a will to concentrate on a task and accomplish it to the best of it’s efforts. There’s also an example cited to contrast the positive actions occurred; the author explains how it has become a natural human reaction to question an order before making any effort to carry it out. the example takes place in a less intense environment, in an office, where an employee will, for sure, question an order before working on what he was told to do. The book continues with a couple of different examples and comparisons of the incomparable actions done by Rowan with the present (The authors present), and finishes by letting the reader know how valuable is to have the courage to accomplish a task without hesitation, and also persuading the reader to be “the one who takes the message.”
The examples given in the book are realistic and concrete, the persuasive phrases are solid and make their point; the author exposes phrases that would guide